Fleet Services


Keep your fleet looking it's best!

Car Spa fleet services are a must for government and businesses with multiple units. Fleet service provides great value and savings for our image/brand conscious business community. Car Spa’s fleet service offering varies by service need, payment method and volume discount. Our fleet customers consist of government agencies, utilities and private commercial. We accept a wide range of payment methods.

Fleet Services

Fleet Services

Fleet Service Advantages

Better service
Professional detailers
Available when you need the work performed
Arrangements can be made for single car detailing on weekends
Monthly billing

Commercial Coupons

  • Full Service Wash
  • $260.00 for a book of 25 Tickets.
  • Additional services paid for at regular service price.
  • Accountability tracked via Customer Register receipts.

Gift Card / Commercial

  • Can put any amount up to $500.00 on a single card.
  • Can be used for any of our Car Care Services, including Express Detail services and gasoline.
  • Accountability tracked via Customer Register receipts.

Monthly Billing Accounts

This service offers the widest variety of Services and discounts. Customer can choose between our basic monthly billing or our Fleet Services Billing.


Basic Monthly Billing

All Services can be billed on the Basic Service. This includes car washes, Express Detail Services, and Gasoline. The customer will receive a monthly bill for all services purchased.


Fleet Services Billing

Customer Account:

Usable for any of our Car Care Services.
Customer is issued business style cards containing the customer’s company name and their Car Spa Account number with scanable account UPC code. This card is to be used at each purchase of services. This card can also show customer discretionary information such as: vehicle license number and a brief vehicle description. This will help prevent fraudulent use of the account.


Fleet Car Wash Services:

Available for Full Service Car Wash. A volume discount is calculated based on the total monthly washes purchased.
Discounted saving per vehicle based on monthly volume.

Vehicles/month Price Discount
< 10 $13.00 n/a
11 - 20 $12.50 $0.50
21 - 30 $11.00 $1.00
31 - 40 $10.50 $1.50
> 40 $10.00 $2.00

Fleet Complete Detail Services

Based on Complete Detail Service which consists of Exterior Polish, Interior Super Clean, Carpet Express and/or Seat Express.

Volume discount based on total monthly Complete Details.

Available Monday – Thursday

24 hour notification is required for more than 5 cars in a single day. This allows us to better schedule our detailers on above average volume days and insures better service and turn-around time for our customers.


Savings per car based on full price Complete Detail.

Customer is not charged for a regular Full Service wash when purchasing any express or Complete Detail Service.

Details/month Discount
< 10 n/a
11 - 20 10%
21 - 30 15%
30 > 25%
Discount / Vehicle RCD OCD
0% $192 $225
10% Discount $173 $203
15% Discount $163 $203
25% Discount $144 $163

All prices include GRT

Our Locations

Lab / Kirtland AFB

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Central East of Eubank
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Albuquerque, NM 87123

Downtown / Old Town

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2100 Central Ave SW
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University / Hospital

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Lomas west of San Mateo
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West Side

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