Clean Cars, Great Service
and Affordable Prices.

The Rain Tunnel Car Spa has been serving the Albuquerque Metro area since 1972. In that time we have washed several million cars, always striving to provide the finest vehicle cleaning services to our customers. We offer a full service SOFT CLOTH car wash for cars, trucks, SUVs and vans.



We focus on clean cars
& happy customers

Since opening our first location in 1972, the Rain Tunnel Car Spa has been drivers’ go-to spot for full-service car washes in Albuquerque. With four locations throughout the metro area, we’ve made it easier than ever to keep your vehicle clean and shiny. From our affordable wash packages, detailing services, and courtesy vacuuming for the DIY in you to our environmentally friendly processes, we always strive to provide the finest vehicle cleaning services to our customers. That’s why our friendly, attentive team makes sure your vehicle is squeaky clean after you drive through our tunnel wash. When it comes to keeping your car sparkling, the only choice is Rain Tunnel Car Spa.

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Science & Engineering
make us the best choice!

Car Spa owner, Buck Buckner, leans on his science & engineering background to ensure customers recieve a top notch, environmentally friendly car wash.


Our team is passionate about clean cars and happy customers!

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Who We Are

Car Spa is a local business in Albuquerque owned by the Buckner family in the Northeast Heights. Buck and Faye have owned the Car Spa for 15 years. The family has resided in Albuquerque for over twenty-one years. They have two children, Ariel and Chandler. Both kids attended the University of New Mexico, and until recently both kids were working in their respective professions in Albuquerque. Our son remains in Albuquerque, while Ariel and her husband now reside in Beaumont, Texas. Faye is a retired teacher from Albuquerque Public Schools. Buck is in his “second act,” leading Car Spa into a promising future.

Prior to joining Car Spa, Buck served for over 25 years as an executive for major fortune five-hundred companies. He has played leadership roles in strategic planning, business development, marketing, and engineering.

Our History

Rain Tunnel Car Wash was started in 1972 by Bill and Rossana Hays. They started with a single existing full-service car wash location at 5101 Lomas Blvd NE that required renovation. Following renovation, the Hays opened their first car wash location, originally called Rain Tunnel Car Wash. The Hays were from Clovis, New Mexico. Before starting the business, Bill was a retired captain from the Air force and Rossana, a school teacher.

Sixteen years later, in 1988 Bill and Rossana purchased their second unit called Oldtown Car Wash at 2100 Central Avenue NW. Following renovations the wash was reopened in 1989 as Rain Tunnel Car Wash- Oldtown (second location).

Bill and Rossana’s strategy was to operate in the central business district (CBD) of Albuquerque with the first wash being in the Uptown/ University Hospital corridor. The second wash was located similarly in the CBD of Downtown/Oldtown. Both business districts possessed high volume traffic with people coming from the outer parts of the city to and from work daily.

The business was a success and well known throughout Albuquerque. The only full-service wash competition, at the time, was Octopus Car Wash with 3 locations. There were other one-off wash locations around town that simply posed no threat to multi-site operations. Over time, Octopus added two additional locations in Albuquerque, starting in 2004.

In 2003 Bill Hays and I (Buck Buckner), became friends because I was looking for investors to invest in a new and upscale wash design called “Flex.” Bill Hays, having a set timeline for retirement, declined interest for investing in a new wash designed for the full-service car washing market. However, in observing my efforts and commitment to build a new car wash in the market, Bill thought I would be a candidate to defer my plans to build a new model but to come in and buy him out.

In October 2005, the Buckner family purchased Rain Tunnel Car Wash, located at 5101 Lomas NE and 2100 Central Ave. NE, from the Hays. Early changes involved modifying the DBA name from Rain Tunnel Car Wash to Rain Tunnel Car Spa to create greater value around the experience of services offered. New ownership also involved equipment assessments followed by upgrades and repairs. Ninety percent of staff was retained.

The initial focus was customer engagement, operating efficiency, marketing and company culture.

Car Spa operated for seven years before the opportunity to open a new location in East Gate at 10705 Central Ave., in August 2012. This location allowed Car Spa to put in place a wash design that was developed in 2005 called Car Spa Flex & Quick Lube. The concept of Car Spa Flex and Quick Lube is “Flex means everything.”

Our Charity & Contribution to the Community

Car Spa supports children throughout Albuquerque by giving to their causes and investing in their fundraisers. We offer discount ticket books to school age youths to sell for fund raisers, thus encouraging child safety. We are also proud supporters of high school athletics, YAFL, The First Tee and LocalFirst. We rally around our seniors and heroes (police, fire fighters, healthcare workers, educators, servant leaders - the faithful) through targeted discount programs. We also provide part time and summer jobs to students who desire to gain valuable experience at working, learning and earning.

Formal Request or application is required - Please contact Car Spa directly for additional information.

Our Locations

Lab / Kirtland AFB

(505) 332-0772

Central East of Eubank
10705 Central Ave NE
Albuquerque, NM 87123

Downtown / Old Town

(505) 242-5562

Central @ Rio Grande
2100 Central Ave SW
Albuquerque, NM 87104

University / Hospital

(505) 266-7705

Lomas west of San Mateo
5101 Lomas Blvd NE
Albuquerque, NM 87110

West Side

(505) 898-5447

Sevilla @ Coors
5401 Sevilla Ave NW
Albuquerque, NM 87120