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We all feel better driving a clean car, and your visit to The Rain Tunnel Car Spa will leave your car sparkling! Our world class full, exterior and express car wash coupled with the most friendly staff in Albuquerque means your car will be squeaky clean in a matter of minutes!

Welcome to Rain Tunnel Car Spa

Rain Tunnel Car Spa for the past 45+ years has been dedicated to full and express services (hands on/ inside and out) using automated tunnel car cleaning as the core, from the very basic automated tunnel wash to high end detailing up to specialized care of hand washing with detail, overspray and water spot removal. Over that same period Car Spa has also offered the hand dried quick service of the exterior as well. Car Spa serves the community with two principle types of washes, the traditional full- service wash and the newer design called “Car Spa Flex.”

In the traditional wash ((2) University Hospital & Oldtown), service begins with a discussion with a service advisor and is then dispatched to the vacuum area. There, the patron is required to exit vehicle at the vacuuming and staging area. Patrons after exit enter a long lobby to settle transaction with the cashier. After payment, patrons have the option to look around in impulse store in search of auto accessories and gifts, or they can sit in the lobby or outside in the patio area. Simultaneously, an unmanned vehicle is loaded on and sent through the tunnel for automated cleaning, polishing and drying. At the tunnel exit the vehicle is landed in the appropriate finish area for final touches, followed by customer closeout and handoff.

Car Spa Flex ((2) Lab/Base east Central & Westside/Coors & Sevilla)) introduces patrons to the transactional kiosk along with optional service advisor. The kiosk is designed to perform customer greeting, order choice, transaction payment (CC/Cash/GC/BC), queuing and vehicle tracking of car throughout the process on an integrated system network. A control gate queues and releases each car driven by patron to be pre-washed and loaded on a conveyor system to advance through the tunnel to exit point. Following tunnel exit and depending on what service was purchased by patrons, they have the option to 1) take the express lane to area of courtesy vacuum to perform DIY interior cleaning, 2) exit the wash or 3) take the full-service lane to the full-service finishing area. Car Spa Flex east also has the service bundle option of Quick Lube branded Valvoline.

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At Rain Tunnel Car Spa, we are not satisfied until everyone that needs our services has been satisfied beyond expectation at their convenience.


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